A story of FINESSE

The creators of FINESSE were born in a small town overlooking the Dead Sea. Every morning when they got up and saw it’s beautiful views, they were breath taken by how amazing this place is. As they grew up and became young men, a random sequence of events encountered them with the world of cosmetics, and from the very first moment it was love at first sight. Then it clicked- the Dead Sea cosmetics in all of its renown wondrous glory, was right there at their feet, and along with their desire to make people feel good about themselves and be healthy and happy, FINESSE came to be.


The people at Finesse understood the cosmetics clientele's need for high quality products and did not rest until they reached exactly that. Using the best ingredients from the Dead Sea, they were able to create a complete line of products that is suitable for anyone at anytime.


Today, the main goals of FINESSE are excellent customer services, in addition to anticipating their customers future needs, reciprocating it with the next product.


FINESSE Laboratories beauty care products are based on the unique mineral treasure of the Dead Sea - world's largest natural spa, and are enriched with plant extracts, vitamins and oils.

The unique formulas of the wide variety of FINESSE cosmetic products, containing 27 exclusive Dead Sea minerals, help to restore, nurture and support the skin, provide it with a sense of softness and renewed freshness and retain the skin looking young and fresh. FINESSE quality products are manufactured in Israel and sold around the world.

Finesse logo


The Dead Sea is located at the lowest point in the world and is one of the richest and most amazing natural resources on the planet. Underground spring outbreaks have created a salt water lake located 400 meters below sea level at the lowest point on earth.

The Dead Sea features the highest concentration of magnesium, calcium and potassium. Many studies have shown the cosmetic qualities of the unique Dead Sea minerals, and their ability to restore the skin and allow its renewal.


Dead Sea cosmetics by FINESSE incorporate 27 natural minerals that exist in the Dead Sea, which have proved to be highly effective in healing and solving a variety of skin problems.

Image by Dave Herring