Red Algae Wrinkle Eraser Syringe

Achieve extreme and immediate improvement in fine lines and creases with the Red Algae Wrinkle Eraser Syringe.


This product is a part of the prestigious Red Algae series. The Red Algae is found at the bottom of the ocean and has many benefits for your skin. Living in extreme conditions, the algae had created a defense and supply mechanism- providing energy to the cells, while remaining unaffected by its surrounding. Being that, it serves as a water and moisture storing substance for the skin, while also protecting it from free radicals and weather changes. In addition, the presence of carrageenan found in the algae helps to give an immediate lifting effect.


Along with other powerful components such as Hydrolyzed Collagen and Hydrolyzed Elastin, which are known for their ability to reverse aging signs, the result is a powerful product, targeting the areas in your skin which are mostly damaged. Regular usage will provide you with significant improvement in both wrinkle length and depth and will cause your skin to be generally smoother.


Directions: On clean dry skin, apply a small amount of treatment fluid directly to targeted areas. Tap with your fingertips to absorption. If necessary, use a clean cotton cloth to remove any excess from the syringe.


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